Odense Environmental Centre

Odense Environmental Centre is a modern treatment centre for certain types of waste. Modern knowledge and technology ensures high rate of recycling.

Odense Environmental Centre receives waste for final deposit and intermediate deposit. The centre also receives waste to be treated and recycled - such as garden waste, oil polluted soil, incineration ash and sludge.

Activities at the Environmental Centre

  • Receiving area, workshop and administration
  • Pre-treatment plant for processing leachate
  • Composting of yard waste
  • Composting of biomass (sludge from sewage Treatment)
  • Treatment of soil contaminated with oil
  • Screening of slag from waste incineration
  • Intermediate landfilling of possibly recyclable Waste
  • Intermediate landfilling of combustible waste
  • Landfilling of asbestos-containing waste
  • Landfilling of shredder waste
  • Landfilling of waste suitable for landfilling


More than 50% waste recycled
The Environmental Centre keeps constantly abreast of the latest development within environmentally responsible solid waste management. More than half of the solid waste received by the Environmental Centre is being treated and recycled instead of landfilled.


May last for 130 years
Not much solid waste is left for final landfilling. Thus the capacity of the landfill areas of the Environmental Centre is at present estimated to be at least 130 years, while the initial estimate was less than 30 years.