A brief intro

Odense Waste Management in a nutshell...

A Brief Intro
Odense Waste Management Company is an experienced partner with roots back to 1880s. We happily share our experience with colleagues all over the world. We are a limited company owned by Odense Municipality. Thus, we are a nonprofit company.
Odense Waste Management Company offers a wide range of well-functioning solid waste management activities and solutions within a limited urban area and within one organizational set-up, such as:

  • collection of food waste, residual waste, paper, small cardboard items, metals, glass, plastics, food & bevarage cartons, hazardous waste, small electronics and textile waste from 100,000 households,
  • operation of 8 recycling stations,
  • running our own thrift shop, Zirkel
  • operation of Odense Environmental Centre which comprises landfilling, sorting, recycling and composting activities as well as a Training Centre
  • extraction of landfill gas from the former Stige Island dumpsite, providing electricity via the public grid for about 2 300 households and heating via the district heating grid for about 400 households
  • closure and aftercare of the old dumpsite at Stige Island, including careful monitoring, collection and treatment of leachate.


In response to a growing demand for a more structured dissemination of the acquired know-how within the company, Odense Waste Management Company has been transforming its many years of experience and lessons learned into flexible packages of operation and maintenance support and manuals as well as flexible modular training and practice services. These services are focusing on the practical application of well-established solid waste management technologies and knowledge.