Citizens and Recycling

For most citizens - especially those with a car and a trailer - the recycling station is a part of their daily life.

Very high recycling rate

The citizens of Odense have reached one of the highest percentages of recycling at Danish recycling stations. Even though there are 40 containers for different types of waste to sort the household waste in, the citizens do not complaint. And they are very good at sorting their waste into the right categories. Disposing of used products at the recycling station is just as natural as shopping for new products at the shopping centre.


Recycling is fun!
The citizens bring their waste to one of the 8 recycling stations in Odense Municipality. Residue waste, paper and glass bottles, however, can easily be deposited at waste bins at the household, but all the rest must be brought to the recycling stations. The citizens do not seem to mind having to sort their waste into 40 different categories at the recycling station. It almost have become a sport to find the right container for the waste.


Almost 1 million visits a year
Many years of constant information and guidance from Odense Waste Management Company has resulted in the acceptance of this system, and the recycling stations receive almost 1 million visits annually. This makes the recycling stations one of the most visited tourist attractions in our region!


87 % is recycled
The inhabitants of Odense have reached one of the country's highest levels of recycling: 87 % of the bulky waste is recycled. The rest is incinerated and only a small percentage is landfilled.
All recycling stations are layed out as a horse shoe. The containers are always placed in the same order, which makes it easy to plan the order of unloading before entering the station.

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