Leachate Treatment

A leachate recovery system was established in 2003 to prevent further pollution.

Environmental protection
In order to reduce the environmental impact on the coastal waters surrounding Stige Island, environmental protection measures were required. Therefore a leachate recovery system was established in 2003. It is integrated with a monitoring system designed to ensure that at least 58% of the nitrogen contents is recovered - a target set by the local supervising authority, Funen County.


Monitoring system to control leachate
A drainage system is encircling the old landfill and a unique monitoring system involving new innovative technologies was designed. The monitoring system comprises an infiltration control system. It enables modelling of the water balance as well as a system for monitoring of wells placed in 8 drainage sections in order to calculate the amount of nitrogen leakage.


Infiltration control system
The infiltration control system is unique in Denmark, and it comprises the location of lysiometres and Time Domain Reflexion (TDR)-probes, to account for variations in rainfall, vegetation, soil composition, ground slope and orientation.