For citizens with visual impairment

Odense Waste Management wants to help citizens that are visually impaired to sort the waste correctly.

Tactile markings to help you sort your waste

For visually impaired citizens we offer a kit of clips with tactile markings. The clips can be clicked onto the handles of the bins. Besides the tactile markings, the clips also have different colours according to the waste type. Some visually impaired people are still able to see and distinguish colours, so the colours are meant to help these people in knowing the difference between the bins and waste types, while the tactile markings make it possible for blind people to feel which bin is which. 


A kit of clips consists of:

  • 1 black clip with the letters "REST" for residual waste (restaffald)
  • 1 green clip with the letters "MAD" for food waste (madaffald)
  • 1 turquiose clip with the letters "GM" for glass and metal (glas & metal) 
  • 1 dark blue clip with the letters "PAP" for paper and small cardboard (Papir & småt pap) 


The kit is free for everyone with a visual impairment and can be ordered by sending an e-mail to


Make your own marking

It is also possible to mark your bins yourself, e.g. by tying a ribbon on the lid of one of the bins. Be aware, that the bins are exchanged with new ones in case of cleaning or repairing - after which the bins will have to be marked again.

Machine-readable guide on sorting

For a machine-readable version of our guide on how to sort waste, please send an e-mail to