Four ways to hand in batteries

It is easy to dispose your batteries in an environmentally responsible manner. See the four ways here.

Put them on the lid - hand them in at the recycling station - or we collect them with other hazardous waste

It is important that you don't put batteries in the bin. We offer four ways to dispose the batteries in an environmentally responisble manner:


1. Batteries on the lid

Batteries can be placed on the lid of your containers in a clear plastic bag. The renovation worker takes them away for further processing.


2. The reception area for hazardous waste on Snapindvej and Havnegade

If you want to get rid of the hazardous waste here and now, you can use the recycling station in Havnegade or Snapindvej.


3. The hazardous waste truck at your local recycling station at weekends

You can hand in hazardous waste to the hazardous waste truck, which is parked at your local recycling station every six weekends. See the schedule on this link


4. You order - we collect

If you are unable to hand over the hazardous waste yourself, you can order us to collect it on the self-service page - click on the link and order. (Page in Danish)