Waste is fun...

We all have a relation to waste, as we all throw things into a waste basket several times a day. To raise the awareness of waste as a resource we put an effort into making waste education fun.

Waste can actually be entertainment

Waste is often described as a boring subject and as gross and unaesthetic. 

In Odense Waste Management, we are eager to change this perception: We want the citizens to understand that waste can actually be a very interesting and fun subject - and it can easily by presented aesthetically.


Check it out below...Doesn't it look fun to learn about waste?


Color book - stone age waste  

The color book can be ordered in print or it can be colored digitally.

Malebog om affald i stenalderen                       



Waste before, now and in the future

Book about waste before, now and in the future - with reading drills for 3. - 4. grade students. .

Affaldshæfte for 3. - 4. klasse,



Raindeer Rikke looks at waste in the wood 

A picture book where kinder gardens hear the story of Rikke the Raindeer who sees waste littered in the wood.4

Rensdyret Rikke på tur i skoven - børnebog fra Odense Renovtion om rensdyret, der samler henkastet affald i skoven




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