Guideline for the good Recycling Station

Below we have listed a handful of guidelines to follow when planning a new recycling station.

Guidelines for The Good Recycling Station

Through participation in a national process benchmarking project OWMC has condensed the results and experiences in the guidelines below.


Containers at recycling station in Odense, Denmark Guidelines for The Good Recycling Station


The following aspects must be taken into accoutn, if your new recycling station is going to be a success.



- waiting time/queue (short or none - several and broad driving lanes)

- registration (quick expedition)

- opening hours (long)



- as few manual lifts as possible (area divided in two levels - customers high and containers low)

- good space (parking space and container capacity)

- short walking distance to containers

- tidiness (swept and clean)


Structure/Clear overview

- easy to overview (control by staff)

- easy to overview (to deliver waste)



- separation of customers and trucks

- no risk of collisions (by one-way direction)



- simplicity

- big letters

- text + picture + ID-number on each container



- extra container capacity in order to quickly replace full containers

- put intermediate containers (wheelbarrow, minicontainer), while the full container is away to be emptied



- sorting guidance from staff

- information material (folders, brochures etc.)