Descripiton of Project - Malaysia - Internship

Implementation of a 2 weeks internship study tour in Odense for professionals from the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation and the Department of National Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia, covering:


1. Overall structure and organisation of Odense Waste Management Company Ltd. as well as general management principles.

2. Overview and practical procedures of financial management.

3. Public relation initiatives and activities.

4. Customer support and administration in relation to household waste collection.

5. Different kinds of household waste collection with e.g. bins, containers and mobile vacuum truck.

6. Various types and sizes of recycling stations.

7. Hazardous waste collection (stationary as well as mobile truck facilities).

8. Overall solid waste planning and regulation.

9. Logistics and route planning.

10. Fee calculation principles and fee collection methods.

11. Guidance and supervision of solid waste handling at public and private enterprises.

12. Environmental reporting (ISO 14001 & EMAS)

13. National compilation of solid waste statistics (ISAG).

14. Project planning and management principles.

15. Tendering procedures.

16. Operation of Odense Environmental Centre and Sanitary Landfill,

17. Rehabilitation of closed dumpsite, including leachate monitoring and control, landfill gas extraction and creation of new recreational area.