Descripton of Project

Implementation of a 2½ week internship study tour in Odense for professionals from the Department of National Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia, covering:

  • Overall structure and organisation of Odense Waste Management Company Ltd. as well as general management principles.
  • Overview and practical procedures of financial management.
  • Public relation initiatives and activities
  • Customer support and administration in relation to household waste collection.
  • Different kinds of household waste collection with e.g. bins, containers and mobile vacuum truck.
  • Various types and sizes of recycling stations.
  • Hazardous waste collection (stationary as well as mobile truck facilities).
  • Overall solid waste planning and regulation.
  • Logistics and route planning.
  • Fee calculation principles and fee collection methods.
  • Guidance and supervision of solid waste handling at public and private enterprises.
  • Environmental reporting (ISO 14001 & EMAS)
  • National compilation of solid waste statistics (ISAG).
  • Project planning and management principles.
  • Tendering procedures.
  • Operation of Odense Environmental Centre and Sanitary Landfill,
  • Rehabilitation of closed dumpsite, including leachate monitoring and control, landfill gas extraction and creation of new recreational area.