Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

Case: Development of an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan 2015: Vinn​ytsia, Ukraine

Development of an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for the city of Vinnytsia, Ukraine

The services include development and delivery of a training program on landfill operations, separate collection at source, and options for additional treatment of recyclables to increase value added. Planning and execution of a comprehensive study tour on various solid waste management aspects. Client: IFC, International Finance Corporation.
The Project was funded by IFC and the study visit was executed as a sub-consultancy to COWI Consultants.
The Study Visit included:


1. Presentation of Odense Waste Management Company and its activities, including e.g.:

- Overall Structure, Organization and General Management Principles

- Overview of Waste Management and Public Cleansing Activities

- Public Relation Initiatives and Activities


2. Visit to Recycling Station, Hazardous Waste Reception Facility and Underground Household Waste Containers for Emptying by Vacuum Truck

Visit to Odense Environmental Centre (New Sanitary Landfill), including Systems and Procedures for e.g.:

- Long, medium and short term Planning

- Operational Planning and Supervision

- Financial Planning, Budgets and Financial Follow-up

- Registration and Reporting of Relevant Data

- Sanitary Landfilling

- Composting

- Cleansing of Polluted Soil


3. Visit to the rehabilitated Stige Island old Dumpsite, including e.g.:

- Leachate Monitoring and Control

- Landfill Gas Extraction

- Creation of new Recreational Area


Visit to the waste incineration plant in Odense