Bobruisk/Mogilev, Belarus

This Cooperation Project between Belarusian and Danish Local governments, funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry Neighbourhood Programme, was initiated at the end of 2009 with a short visit in Odense by officials from Bobruisk.

Until the project ended in the beginning of 2013, Odense Waste Management Company has been participating in and contributing to various seminars held in Belarus. Further a comprehensive study to Odense was executed in May 2012 for a group of politicians and technicians from Bobruisk.


The main professional input and contribution to the Belarusian partners have comprised:

  • Preliminary screening of the market for possible waste treatment solutions appropriate for Bobruisk, based on the data and information received.
  • Report providing data and information about current situation in Bobruisk regarding solid waste and exact assistance required, in order to improve future solid waste treatment.
  • Support with international experience in collection, treatment and recycling of solid waste, highlighting pros and cons of existing technologies for a country in transition, such as Belarus.
  • Providing input regarding information materials on waste management for working with the public, students, pupils and children.
  • Support in planning and operation of local recycling stations.