We love participating in international conferences and seminars to share our knowledge with others.

Below is a list of some of our contributions to sharing knowledge internationally.



May 2014        

ACR+Conference "Towards a Circular Economy"

Rome, Italy                          

Presentation of digital waste managemet plan for municipality of Odense

Poul Juul Hansen



November 2013                        

R4R Regional Conference

Limerich County, Ireland                          

Presentation of "The Odense Waste Management Experience"                   

Svend Byriel Poulsen



May 2013        

Hosting the International Midterm Conference in Regions for Recycling (R4R) Project –  EU INTERREG IVC Programme 

Odense, Denmark                        

Improving selective collection and recycling of household waste

Svend Byrial Poulsen


September 2011

WALQUING, Bruxelles, ILO Congress on working health and safety

Health and safety for waste workers

Ole Fuglsang


August 2010

Employee-driven innovation at Odense Waste Management Company, Paris, France

Occupational Health and Safety Innovation

Jan Thrane


July 2010

GreenTech Asia 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Directing a public solid waste management corporation towards recycling

Jan Thrane/ Svend Byrial Poulsen


June 2010

2nd Expoerts Seminar, ACR+, Seville, Spain

Optimal Recovery of Material and Energy Ressources – the Case of Sewage Sludge Composting

Svend Byrial Poulsen


November 2009  

Export promotion of green Danish products and services, Poznan, Poland (Danish Embassy in Warsaw)

Green City Concept of Odense (incl. waste)

Ole Fuglsang


October 2009

ISWA Landfill Master Class, Lisbon, Portugal

Sustainable landfilling

Marianne Mohr


October 2009

Conference on Selective Collection of Municipal Waste, Malta

Recycling stations

Jesper Mogensen


June 2009

Seminar for Municipalities in Istanbul Region, Turkey

Environmental Awareness - municipal solid waste solutions

Dorthe Lind Christensen/ Vivian Andersen


November 2008

ISWA Annual Congress 2008 / Singapore

Lecture on Closure of Open Dumps

Jan Thrane


October 2007

27 Countries -25 case studies on waste in Europe arranged by ACR+ and Lipor in Porto, Portugal

General introduction to solid waste management in Odense Municipality                            

Dorthe Lind


January 2007

Danish-Malaysian Energy & Environmental Forum / Kuala Lumpur

Training, Practice and Operational Support within Solid Waste Management

Jan Thrane / Svend Byrial Poulsen


December 2006

European Union: Municipal Waste Prevention Work Group

Lecture on: Bulky waste repair and reuse system in Odense

Claus Hammerich


May 2006

Ministry of Environment, Sofia, Bulgaria

Lecture on composting

Marianne Mohr


November 2006

ISWA Working Group for Sanitary Landfills Training course/Novi Sad, Serbia

Lectures on: Final disposal and reliance on sanitary landfills.

Jan Thrane


October 2006

ISWA Annual Congress 2006 / Copenhagen, Denmark

Examples of Capacity Building Coorperation

Svend Byrial Poulsen


May 2006

Ministry of Environment Seminar on Waste Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Sludge Treatment / Sofia, Bulgaria

Possible applications of sewage sludge in relations to regislation

Marianne Mohr


November 2005

ISWA Annual Congress 2005 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Development of an Electronic Reporting and Information System for Danish Landfills (ERISDA)

Jan Thrane / Poul Juul Hansen


June 2005

Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling (ACR+) New Waste Managemet Techniques in Europe / Istanbul, Turkey

An Innovative Underground Waste Collection System

Lars Teddy Hansen


May 2005

DAKOFA Conference regarding the future of the landfills / Copenhagen, Denmark

Electronic reporting

Marianne Mohr


April 2004

DAKOFA Landfill Seminar / Copenhagen, Denmark

Closure and aftercare of Stige Island Landfill

Jan Thrane / Marianne Mohr


April 2003

ISWA Working Group for Sanitary Landfills' Training Course / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lectures on: Design of landfills, closure and aftercare of landfills, leachate management

Jan Thrane

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