Sizes of the new bins

Below, you can find the different sizes and measurements of the new bins.

New grey waste bins

The current green waste bins will be exchanged with new grey ones. The grey bins are more environmentally friendly because they are made partly of recycled plastics.


Different types of waste bins

There are multiple types of bins and depending on the type of housing you live in, you might have different kinds of waste solutions - from bins and containers to underground waste solutions.


In the new system a single-family home will automatically get two bins at 240 L each - both of them with two compartments - where you can sort residual waste, food waste, paper & small cardboard and glass & metal. The smaller bins at 140 L and 190 L cannot be separated into compartments and can therefore only be used for one type of waste.


The bins come in different sizes. See the measurements in the picture below: