Residual waste for incineration

Residual waste for incineration is waste that cannot be recycled or reused and doesn't contain hazardous elements. It is incinerated at a waste-to-energy plant.


Residual waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous - is collected from 90,000 households in Odense. It is transported to the Funen Works, the local waste-to-energy plant, where it is incinerated producing district heating and electricity.
Household waste is normally collected every fortnight in standard waste bins, and each household is responsible for placing the waste bin by the nearest curbside on the day of collection. A calendar with the dates of collection is sent out every year to all households.
Household waste is turned into district heating


Wheelie bins
Depending on the size of the household one out of 6 sizes of wheelie bins - containing from 130 to 800 liters - is recommended. The wheelie bins all have wheels in order to make transportation from the household to the lorry easy. In certain mansions in the inner city, though, there is no room for bins. Instead we collect paper sacks in these areas.
Other services such as extra collection of waste is available against extra payment.