Batteries contain many different chemicals. Do not ever throw them in the waste bin. They need special treatment.

Batteries contains rare metals which can be taken out and recycled. Therefor they must be handed in for special treatment. 


There are several ways to dispose of batteries. The easiest way is to put them on top of the lid of either the trash bin, or the bin for paper and small cardboard, in a clear plastic bag. Make sure the bag is properly closed so the batteries don't fall out. Do not tie the bag to the bin, but place it on the lid (if it is a 2-wheeled container), or in the plastic bin on the side of the container (if it is a 4-wheeled container). Only hand in batteries, and not mobile phones, watches, razors etc. Then the waste collector will take the batteries with them, the next time the bin is being emptied.


What types of batteries?

You can hand in all small household batteries for e.g. remote controls, clocks, radios, toys, flashlights and hand tools, however, no car batteries. Car batteries must be handed in at the recycling station, in the container for car batteries.

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