After Use

During the closure of the Stige Island landfill site, the terrain was modified to provide a harmonious landscape. At 30 metres high at some points, Stige Island is now a prominent feature in relation to the terrain and the adjacent areas.

Odense Local Authority invited local residents, associations and organisations to submit their views and ideas on the future use of the area once the landfill site was closed down.

And using those ideas, Stige Island has been transformed into a recreational area for the benefit of the city’s residents.  A playground, action base, wildlife habitat, mountain bike tracks and dirt jump tracks are among the facilities already available, and according to the future plans of Odense Municipality, more will follow in the years to come. A parkour area for youngsters has been added, and there are facilities (fireplaces and shelters) for kayakers and canoeists.

  Play ground at Stige Island, Odense, Denmark      
On top of Stige Island is a play ground for adults as
well as children.
 Flowers at Stige Island old Dumpsite, Odense, Denmark  
The old city dump is a beautiful place for picnics, walking the dog
and running.
 Play ground at Stige Island, Odense, Denmark  
Children get stimulated physically at the playgrounds at Stige Island.
 Stige Island with Funen Powerworks in background, Odense, Denmark